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Movies & Pics

These movies are streaming QuickTime clips; stories
and still-frame sequencing are by Jon Brunelle.
Links to a photo gallery and other good stuff are
at the bottom of the page.

NYC Subway Bopdance
one of our most popular stories
'race against time' music by End,
from "The Sounds of Disaster" - Ipecac IPC49
5 minutes

Surveillance Vacation
a surprising solution to those pesky wiretaps
3.5 minutes

Lost in the Unisphere
a live performance excerpt from The Nanolove Report
storytelling: Jon Brunelle | video: Daniel Vatsky | audio: Mad EP
10 minutes

The Psychasthenia Trailer
edited by Daniel Vatsky
music by DJ Olive,
from "Bodega" - theAgriculture AG026
75 seconds

The Legend of Tyler and Marla
psychic anarchists in a doomed romance
music: 'Secret Society' by David Last,
from "The Push Pull" - theAgriculture AG039
3.5 minutes

RNC Deathray
an excerpt from a performance
at P.S. 122, two weeks before the
2004 Republican National Convention
4 minutes


Photos from the August 2004 program at P.S. 122

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